Effectively Manage Your Selling Content

Sales knowledge drives sales revenue

The good news is that sales knowledge – and selling content that helps the highest-performing sales reps produce up to 80% of sales revenue for an organization – is available.  The bad news is that this sales knowledge and access to selling content is not accessible to all sales team members.

SalesEdge helps organizations ensure that all sales knowledge is sales-ready – and make selling content accessible to all sales team members through sales knowledge management and dynamic sales content assembly technologies. 

Ensure accuracy, compliance, and branding consistency 

Without the right tools and technology, sales knowledge managers cannot ensure the accuracy, compliance, and branding consistency of selling content – moreover, sales reps cannot deliver sales-ready content. 

SalesEdge helps sales knowledge managers create and maintain a well-organized, searchable knowledge base of sales intelligence – frequently asked questions, product information, and corporate knowledge assets used in proposals, RFP responses, and other sales communications – reviewed and validated by the appropriate subject matter experts. 

Each piece of information has an originator and owner, a defined review and update schedule, and usage guidelines for end users. Email-based and file-sharing collaboration features give knowledge managers, subject matter experts, and sales teams the opportunity to share feedback and recommendations, ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and continuous improvement. 

Sales knowledge managers use technology and best practices from SalesEdge to ensure accuracy, compliance, and branding consistency of selling content – and to make content sales-ready to accelerate the sales process and close business.

Deploy sales knowledge through dynamic selling content 

In order to engage customers a highly competitive market, all sales team members require on-demand access to sales knowledge and selling content that helps them to promptly respond to their customer’s information requirements, as well as successfully align your value proposition with the customer’s needs. 

With SalesEdge, sales people have on-demand access to a central repository providing your best selling content.  All sales reps can create highly professional RFP responses, proposals, presentations, and other sales-critical deliverables that are: accurate and compliant; consistently and professionally branded; and specifically target the needs of the audience.

With SalesEdge, all sales team members have access to tools that:

Accelerate RFP response time
Creating and deliver winning proposals
Deliver sales-ready presentation and pitchbooks
Improve team productivity
Accelerate the sales cycle 

Over 1200 organizations use SalesEdge-offered solutions to manage sales knowledge and make the selling content that win more business accessible to sales and proposal teams.  

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