SalesEdge-offered solutions and services may be complemented by resources offering excellent results.  The following organizations offer solutions and services that will help you advance your sales and proposal initiatives and help you realize the sales results that you strive to achieve.



For more effective proposals, use RFP and proposal automation software available from SalesEdge in conjunction with content and graphics from the award-winning (and contract-winning) professionals at RFP MD. 

RFP MD services include: proposal audits, strategy, research, copywriting, design, project management, theme generation, proofreading, production, boilerplate proposals, preparation of legal forms, case studies, biographies, proposal design systems, brand audits, brand development, direct mail, brochures and online marketing materials. 

To learn more, visit or call 877.737.6341 and tell us where it hurts.


  Hour Company

24 Hour Company provides high-end graphic design and communications support locally and internationally. For more than 16 years 24 Hour Company has supported sales and proposal teams in both large and small businesses in every industry. The firm's excellent reputation is born from exceeding client expectations through its customer-focused management methodologies and use of industry best practices to provide unparalleled media services tailored to customer requirements. The name “24 Hour Company” comes from its dedication to its clients, an obsession with on-time delivery, and its promise to be available whenever they are needed most. 

Visit for more information. As an industry leader, 24 Hour Company continually shares new tools and insider secrets with fellow professionals so that they may better benefit from visual communication. Mike Parkinson, a principal at the firm, recently wrote the hit book titled "Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Business Graphics." The guide shows busy business, technical, and design professionals how to quickly and easily turn their ideas into winning graphics ( 


 Metre builds the infrastructure required for sales teams to be successful. With Metre, you’ll be armed with smarter strategy, better proposals, and meaningful data that results in more wins and happier, more productive staff. Services offered by Metre include: Proposal Management, Process Definition & Implementation, Sales Support Training, Content Management, Market Analysis, and Salesforce.

We’re all connected. Metre synchronizes sales organizations and gets everybody in step with each other creating harmony. When harmony exists, proposals get easier, data moves naturally and people are happier and more productive. Let us help you find your rhythm. Please check out our website at for work examples and testimonials. Contact us via email at [email protected]  or by phone at 615.712.6298. 



The Association of Proposal Management Professional (APMP) provides its members access to tools, methods, processes, innovations, talent and specialized expertise that can directly improve the ability to acquire new business and to sustain growth and competitiveness in a dynamic and demanding marketplace. 

Members of this international professional association convene at the Annual APMP International Conference & Exhibits - as well as throughout the year at regional chapter meetings. SalesEdge LLC is proud to serve as a Silver level sponsor of APMP and the conference. We encourage you to advance your proposal and business development expertise through the APMP. For more information about the association, the annual conference, and links to regional chapter information, visit  

 Mimeo provides fast and convenient on-demand printing for next morning delivery of sales presentations, proposals and marketing materials to any location in the United States.  Upload your materials from any computer connected to the internet, proof online and then order. 

All SalesEdge customers qualify for 50% off their first order.  See why Mimeo is the largest overnight digital printer in the United States.  Find out more at