Automate Presentations and Pitchbooks

Reps Deliver Sales-Ready PowerPoint Presentations

At the expense of customer-facing sales activities, sales reps labor over the creation of PowerPoint presentations.  Sales reps may start with the authorized presentation content – but the presentation quickly evolves into unrecognizable presentation messaging as the rep incorporates slides and messaging used by others and for others – with little or no communication with subject matter experts throughout the organization.  The result: a presentation that is not sales-ready.    

Without the right tools, sales costs associated with creating presentations include:

checker Missed opportunity to actively sell – sales reps spend time crafting presentations instead of engaging in critical customer-facing activities 
checker Non-compliant and inaccurate presentation content – with potentially different messaging from every sales rep throughout your organization 
checker Unprofessional presentations with inconsistent and poor application of your brand – these presentations can prolong the sales process 
checker  Lost opportunity and sales revenue

Presentations to Win

In this competitive environment, sales reps need on-demand access to PowerPoint presentation content and presentation templates that help them quickly assemble sales-ready presentations.  A presentation, or pitchbook, is sales-ready when it contains information that is accurate, compliant, professionally branded information – as well as content tailored to the customer’s unique goals and needs.  The customer-specific information should include messaging that is compelling to the specific prospect, and helps the customer understand the specific value proposition of your offering.  

SalesEdge offers solutions that help organizations ensure that every sales rep delivers sales-ready presentations and pitchbooks.

checker Sales reps are guided when to include related material – including mandatory slides and other content such as a complementary Word document or PDF 
checker Presentation assembly methods allow the sales rep to create ad hoc, highly-customized presentations containing the accurate and compliant information, as well as to create standard presentations through use of guided, presentation templates 
checker All presentations are quickly personalized for each client in the presentation assembly process 
checker Sales reps save and share their favorite presentations – and when slide content is updated in the knowledge base – the saved and favorite presentations are likewise updated to ensure accuracy and compliance 
checker Through direct email feedback and usage reporting, you learn what sales reps need and what sales reps use to engage your customers and prospects 

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