Who Uses Concurrence

Easily assemble complex collections of information … and effectively engage your audience

The reasons why organizations use ConcurrenceCatalyst are plentiful, but are generally related to being more efficient in the assembly of information … or making a great impression on the audience in order to drive sales performance.

Companies effectively and efficiently assemble and deliver complex collections of materials with ConcurrenceCatalyst.   They use ConcurrenceCatalyst for:

  • RFP Responses and Proposals
  • Sales Materials - Field teams and channel partners
  • Event Proceedings - Conferences, sales meetings
  • Technical Documentation
  • Human Resources - Policy manuals and materials 

With just a point and click, ConcurrenceCatalyst gathers content files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, CAD files, multimedia, and more) from any source, collates and publishes the content in a single collection, creating an output suitable for desktop, portable media (CD, DVD or USB), or the Web. 

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At BAE Systems, Concurrence has evolved from the delivery of large, complex defense bids into a tool that is recognized business-wide as best practice.  Concurrence ensures that all information is captured, collated, and delivered in a coherent, controlled, attractive, and easy to navigate format.  BAE Systems Customer Success 

For Booz Allen Hamilton, Concurrence creates the ability to provide clients with a high quality, professionally-delivered proposals – with easy and intuitive access to the underlying content and a pleasing user experience. Concurrence provides Booz Allen Hamilton with a whole lot more.  Booz Allen Hamilton Customer Success 

Cable&Wireless customers “have been delighted with the quality, usability and professionalism of our Concurrence-enabled proposals….” “We have also been able to persuade customers to reduce their requirements for paper copies which helps us hit our Corporate and Social Responsibility goals.”  Cable&Wireless Customer Success

Experian uses Concurrence to give their sales team a consistent and professional way to deliver their capability presentations and proposals.  Concurrence improves the quality of all client-facing communications; it creates a strong, confident and professional perception across the business. Experian Customer Success 

Fidelity International uses Concurrence to deliver fund presentations with supporting collateral tailored to their strategic partners.  Fidelity uses Concurrence to create fully-branded electronic collections of client-ready materials in minutes rather than weeks. Read the case study. Fidelity International Customer Success 

Investment Week uses Concurrence for their events. They quickly collate and publish speaker presentations and supporting collateral from sponsors, through a cobranded interface, in a matter of minutes.  Read the case study. Investment Week Customer Success 

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