inciteKnowledge Implementation Services

Quickly Realize Sales Performance Results

The intrinsic design of the inciteKnowledge solution – coupled with SalesEdge’s experience and proven implementation methodologies – allows companies to start realizing sales performance results within 30 to 60 days. 

The implementation process incorporates self-paced learning, workshop events, and an ongoing partnership with SalesEdge that is managed by a Client Services Manager.

Self-Paced Learning  

The inciteKnowledge implementation methodology is designed to help you learn how you can use the solution so that you can design and build a sales knowledge base, and create the document & presentation automation tools that will help you improve your team’s sales performance.

From day one, we help you build your inciteKnowledge expertise and understand how you can use inciteKnowledge to its fullest potential.  While most of the learning takes place in the inciteKnowledge Workshop or the inciteKnowledge Manager training class, a self-paced preparatory program helps you understand some of the inciteKnowledge options in advance of formal training.  Under the guidance of your Client Services Manager, you will prepare for the workshop or training events – thereby ensuring that you are prepared to learn, prepared to build the foundation of your sales knowledge base, and realize success with inciteKnowledge.

inciteKnowledge Workshop 

Knowledge base administrators or content managers come to the inciteKnowledge Workshop and learn how to build and maintain a sales knowledge base by creating the foundation of their knowledge base under the guidance of a SalesEdge Services professional.  They leave the workshop with skills – and a working knowledge base ready to produce results.

Knowledge Base Build Services & Training 

For teams with content in an existing Pragmatech database, SalesEdge offers database migration services.  In this instance, SalesEdge Services performs all of the work under your guidance.  We help you understand the options in order to define how you want data moved from an existing database to an inciteKnowledge base.  In the inciteKnowledge Manager training class, your knowledge base administrator or content manager will learn how to maintain and manage your inciteKnowledge base in a training experience that uses your knowledge base as a reference.  

Rolling-out inciteKnowledge 

Deployment of inciteKnowledge Express to your sales people, proposal professionals, and others is not technically complicated given that there is no software to install and it easy for end-users to search for and apply the information that their customers and prospects require.  Nevertheless, your SalesEdge Client Services Manager will help you plan for a successful field roll-out, user adoption, and ongoing inciteKnowledge success.   

Partnering for Ongoing Success 

To help ensure success with inciteKnowledge, a SalesEdge Client Services Manager will work closely with your project lead.  The SalesEdge Client Services Manager becomes your partner – measuring and reporting your customer satisfaction and success – as long as you remain on the inciteKnowledge platform.  Your Client Services Manager acts as an extension of your team and works closely with you through the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition and a successful launch.  Beyond the solution launch, your Client Services Manager will continue to work closely with you to provide you with access to our best practices and help ensure that you are obtaining the maximum value from inciteKnowledge.

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