inciteKnowledge Products & Technology

At the heart of inciteKnowledge is a sales knowledge base of your company’s best sales and marketing content.    With inciteKnowledge, you can manage all of your  sales and marketing information in a single location, and make it easy to automatically create RFP responses, proposals, presentations and pitchbooks, and a wide range of other critical selling materials.

Core Modules: Designed for Sales, Marketing, and Proposal Teams

The inciteKnowledge solution includes two major modules – Express and Knowledge Manager – that help sales, marketing, and proposal teams make use of the content and best practices embodied in the sales knowledge base.


Knowledge Manager

Sales people, marketing, and proposal professionals use Express to find exactly the info they need and put that info to work to address a specific buyer's needs.  Marketing and content managers use Knowledge Manager to capture and deliver the most relevant and up-to-date info and messages that sales and others need to advance the buying cycle. 

Google-like search and customizable search options - to rapidly find the "right" answers and sales-ready content

Multiple ways to create personalized documents & presentations, and answer RFPs and questionnaires, using knowledge base content and built-in guidance & best practices

Save and share favorite documents and presentations for reuse

Share feedback to improve the quality and spectrum of selling content 

Privilege-based access to the most up-to-date content

Collect documents, presentations, and messages that work in the field

Organize these materials for easy accessibility and optimal reusability

Assign reviewers and deadlines to each content piece, and actively manage the update process

Create and publish best practice documents and presentations that sales can easily use within Express

Track and assess content usage and user activity

Core Technology: Provides “Anytime, Anywhere” Access

inciteKnowledge is delivered in software as a service (SaaS) model. Web-based access to inciteKnowledge provides sales people, proposal professionals, and other team members with “anytime” document and presentation creation capabilities “anywhere” an Internet connection is available.

No software is required on the Express end-users' desktops and the infrastructure is housed at a secure data center, so there is no impact on IT staff to support the solution.

As a result, incite Knowledge is a solution that is easy-to-deploy solution that will scale to meet your evolving needs – providing a cost-effective solution for improving sales performance through personalized documents and presentations.

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