What Can inciteKnowledge Do For You?

inciteKnowledge for Sales Performance 

Provide sales, marketing, and proposals professionals with on-demand access to  sales-ready content and  messages needed to close business at every stage of the customer’s buying process.

The Web-based inciteKnowledge helps organizations:

  • Quickly and efficiently respond to RFPs, RFIs, and other questionnaires
  • Automate and standardize the creation of selling documents, such as proposals, solution briefs,  introductory letters, executive overviews, and sales-critical communications
  • Automate and standardize the creation of personalized presentations and pitchbooks for any stage of the sales cycle
  • Provide sales people on-demand access to consistently-branded, accurate, and compliant information that customers  need throughout their buying cycle

The web-based inciteKnowledge solution gives sales, marketing, and proposal teams the tools they need to interact more effectively with prospects can have a dramatic effect on sales performance.

Align Sales, Marketing, and Proposal Teams

/uploadedImages/images/Solutions/Sales-Cycle-9378.jpg    Sales people accelerate sales cycles, win more deals, and achieve quota. They deliver highly professional selling documents that help close business. Spending less time looking for or creating content – and more time in customer-facing activities.
/uploadedImages/images/Solutions/Manage Selling Content with SalesEdge.jpg    Marketing teams deliver more value to sales and convey more consistent messages to the marketplace, resulting in measurable positive impacts on revenue.  They ensure the accuracy, messaging, and branding of sales communications – while helping sales deliver the information that buyers need to select your offering.  
/uploadedImages/images/Solutions/Proposal Productivity.jpg    Proposal professionals produce winning RFP responses and proposals that accelerate sales.   They use their productivity savings to increase the proposal bandwidth and to improve the quality of RFP responses and proposals.  

The Bottom Line: inciteKnowledge to Improve Sales Performance

Web-based inciteKnowledge sales knowledge solution presents you with an opportunity to consistently deliver the best selling documents, crafted by your best writers, assembled by your most particular communicators, and customized to meet the specific information requirements of each prospect and client.   

Let SalesEdge show you how inciteKnowledge can help you improve sales performance by:

  • Accelerating your sales cycles
  • Improving win rates
  • Increasing sales revenue 
  • Mazimizing individual and team productivity
  • Quickly ramping-up new team members
  • Implementing a new sales process  

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