Pragmatech Services

Looking to win more often using RFP or proposal automation software? For over 15 years, Pragmatech and its RFP Machine served as the solution “most used” by proposal professionals. The Pragmatech offering has been replaced with Qvidian Proposal Automation.  SalesEdge invites you to see how Qvidian can help you gain a competitive edge and win more often.

SalesEdge helps our Pragmatech clients migrate to Qvidian Proposal Automation—without missing a heartbeat.  With expertise and experience implementing Pragmatech, as well as Qvidian’s Proposal Automation solution, SalesEdge is uniquely positioned to help you transfer your Pragmatech-based processes and RFP response databases from Pragmatech to Qvidian.

We can help you understand the important database set-up and conversion options that that will help you quickly realize value from Qvidian.  Working in partnership with you, a SalesEdge Client Service Manager will prepare an implementation project plan that minimizes impact upon your operations.  We strategically schedule your database conversion and training of end-users to ensure that your team can continue producing sales-critical RFP responses, proposals, and other customer-facing documents that you need to deliver.

Migration Process with Minimal Impact

The following provides a high-level description of the steps SalesEdge takes to migrate your Pragmatech database with minimal impact on your RFP and proposal processes.

1.  Your SalesEdge Client Service Manager prepares a Project Plan defining service timeframes and deliverables in order to minimize impact upon your operations.

2.  SalesEdge helps you understand the database conversion options and decisions that are available to you.  These options are documented in the Pragmatech Conversion Questionnaire.

3.  At designated time, you will upload your Pragmatech database(s) to an FTP site.  At this time, you can continue to use your Pragmatech solution to respond to RFP, generate proposals, and other sales documents; however, no changes should be made to the Pragmatech database.

4.  Within 10 to 15 business days, SalesEdge will provide you with your Qvidian URL—and access to your Qvidian database(s).

5.  We schedule Qvidian Proposal Automation Training services for your content manager or knowledge base administrators to coincide with the availability of your converted database. With SalesEdge training, you will learn how to continue to build and manage your Qvidian database, as well as how to respond to RFPs individually or collaboratively.  SalesEdge is uniquely positioned to help you understand the new Qvidian features that are available to you—as well as understand how you will perform those functions for which you formerly used Pragmatech.

6.  SalesEdge has structured the Qvidian training curriculum so that you can begin using the application and your converted database immediately to respond to RFPs and other customer requests for information.

More Information 

To learn more about Qvidian Proposal Automation and the SalesEdge implementation process, please contact SalesEdge at 888.577.7382 ext 701 or online through Contact Us.