Create Customized Sales Presentations and Pitchbooks with the Right Information 

Automate sales presentations and deliver the right contentUsing presentation software, sales and marketing professionals more quickly create PowerPoint presentations that include your most accurate and up-to-date information—and are tailored to the specific interests of each customer.

SalesEdge provides the training and implementation methodology that can help your team consistently produce presentations using the right technology for your specific needs.  The SalesEdge methodology is tailored to help organizations of any size and structure realize improved efficiencies and performance.

  • Marketing or sales support efficiently manage sales collateral including presentation content, as well as creation of slide decks
  • Sales professionals always access the most current presentation and slide content, as well as quickly tailor presentations for each customer

Qvidian RFP and Proposal Automation

You need to ensure that all prospects and clients consistently receive accurate and compliant presentations. Qvidian RFP and proposal automation helps you generate persuasively-structured presentations and pitchbooks that complement the key points of your sales proposals and deliver a powerful and compelling message. 

Advance features make it easy to design slides incorporating your specific structure and content requirements so anyone on your team can quickly find relevant presentation material and customize it for their intended audience.  

Regardless of the team’s size or complexity, to deliver persuasive presentations, most organizations seek the following capabilities.

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Screen by screen, Qvidian’s intuitive wizard guides you through a series of screens and gives you choices for the most appropriate content. Everything is then assembled into a cohesive, well-structured presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Edit and refine your deck to create the most compelling sales presentation possible. And because Qvidian's sales enablement solutions are accessed through your browser, there's no need to install or maintain sales presentation software.

Reinforce Your Sales Process

Qvidian is highly configurable to mirror your specific sales methodology for peak effectiveness. 

Intelligent Search

Find the slide content you need quickly. Search results are prioritized by which slides are accepted the most. 

Maintain Consistent Look & Feel

Every presentation contains accurate and approved content. Microsoft PowerPoint slide master templates make it easy to maintain your corporate branding. 

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