Ensure That You Have The Right Resources To Win More Business

Proposal Management SoftwareTo win more business through the delivery of sales proposals, RFP responses, and other selling documents, proposal management software capabilities can help you measure how existing resources are used and identify where improvements are required.

Your solution for RFP response and automation of sales proposals, presentations, and other selling documents should provide you with the important management metrics including the following.

Metrics for Delivered Documents

  • How many RFP responses, sales proposals and other deliverables were created?
  • For which opportunities did you create sales deliverables?
  • Which automated document or presentation templates were used?

Metrics for Sales-Ready Content

  • How many content records do you manage in your RFP database?
  • What are the most frequently used content records—and perhaps candidates for a more frequent review?
  • Which content records are least used—and perhaps candidates for archive?
  • How many records were recently reviewed and updated?
  • How many records have expired—and are overdue for review and update?

User Metrics

  • Who is using your RFP response and proposal automation solutions?
  • Who is searching for and using content?
  • Who is taking advantage of the automated document or presentation templates?
  • Who has reviewed and updated assigned content in the RFP database?
  • Who is responsible for the expired content that increases your incompliance risk?

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