Let SalesEdge Augment Your Resources

SalesEdge provides Professional Services that can augment your resources and accelerate the your sales-critical initiatives.SalesEdge_Professional_Services.jpg

  • Brand updates – ensure the delivery brand-compliant proposals and other selling documents

  • Mergers and acquisitions – bolster the organization's position by taking ownership of new content and selling documents

  • New products and solutions – support sales objectives with deployment of new product content and automated selling documents

  • New initiatives – help improve sales performance using automated sales proposals, statements of work, and more

SalesEdge Professional Services

The services that we frequently provide include the following.  

Library Build

We can help you build your Qvidian Library with sales- and proposal-ready content. SalesEdge can augment your internal resources to jumpstart the implementation of Qvidian, to quickly take ownership of new product content, or content acquired by way of a merger and acquisition. Through Library Build services, SalesEdge will format content for your brand and upload content records to your Qvidian Library.

Custom Word Style and RFP Response Templates

We can help you more consistently deliver selling documents that support your brand. With the implementation of Qvidian, SalesEdge delivers a Word Style Template and RFP Response Template customized to your brand. Should your brand change, SalesEdge will update your custom Word Style Template and RFP Response template.

Document Automation

We can help you accelerate the delivery of selling documents and presentations. Using Qvidian, you can automate any selling document that requires use of accurate content that is tailored and customized for each client.  Selling documents and presentations that SalesEdge has automated include: proactive sales proposals, statements of work, sample RFPs, due diligence questionnaires, and pitchbooks.  SalesEdge can automate the documents that your team needs to deliver.  Every document is unique; this service is quoted based your specific requirements.

Due Diligence Questionnaire Automation

Financial services firms use Qvidian to respond to due diligence questionnaires (DDQ), client questionnaires, as well as RFPs. We can help you automate your DDQs and client questionnaires. By automating your DDQ, you can more quickly create documents that include the accurate content that you maintain in your Qvidian library. SalesEdge provides turnkey DDQ automation services, as well as collaborative services that take advantage of content that you currently maintain in your Qvidian Library.

SMART Proposals

The SalesEdge SMART Proposals make is easy for you to jumpstart a sales proposal automation requirement.  We’ve made it easy for you to follow proposal best practices and quickly create persuasive sales proposals tailored for each client.  Implementing a SMART Proposal is simple. You’ll answer a few questions about your proposal and provide SalesEdge with your content. You’ll receive a ready-to-use, Qvidian-automated SMART Proposal. 

 Content Development

We can help you deliver more persuasive selling documents. Every writer needs a second set of eyes to review content for grammar and consistency of messaging. SalesEdge content writers can edit, as well as develop content in support of your specific needs. Use SalesEdge to augment your resources to ensure the success of your important initiatives.

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