Is Every RFP Response Never Done—Just Due?

It’s simple. You want to be more productive, accelerate your RFP (request for proposal) response process, and deliver more persuasive responses to RFPs and other sales critical questionnaires. You want to win more business.Accelerate_RFP_Response_Time.png

The obstacles to success are so common.  

  • You search through files, documents, past proposals seeking previously written answers. 
  • Subject matter experts seem to avoid you when you request their help answering a question once more. 
  • You are uncomfortable with the amount of work remaining on the proposal—so you work late, catch up on a Sunday evening, or grab another slice of pizza.
  • Your team evolves. Someone with the critical product knowledge takes a leave of absence or pursues another opportunity—and the team is left in a vulnerable position.  Someone joins the team—and must learn your organization and solutions before they can fully contribute.
  • Your organization expands and you anticipate in influx in RFPs.  Mergers, acquisitions, new products, new messaging, new branding—and your ability to quickly adapt and embrace the new opportunities is questionable.

Fortunately, the Solution is SimpleAccelerate Your RFP Response Process and Time

You need an RFP software solution to help you and your team be productive and more effectively respond to RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, and all the other sales-critical questionnaires.

With the right technology, you and your team can be more productive, accelerate the RFP response process, and invest the time-savings delivery higher quality proposals.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of proposal teams—like yours—improve their RFP response process!  Let us show you how.

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