Quickly Create Sales Proposals and Other Personalized Sales ​Documents that Win!

Sales Proposal AutomationUsing on​line proposal software, you can create business proposals and other sales documents in half the time. Without the right technology in support of sales processes, there is risk that your proposals will impair sales performance and productivity.

Where is Your Proposal Risk?

  • Instead of selling, are your sales people spending time writing, and rewriting, sales proposals?  
  • Are team members starting from a sales proposal template—or worse, a proposal submitted to another client, and then manually cutting and pasting in order to craft the next proposal?
  • Who controls the sales proposal template? How do you ensure that the sales proposal template is current, accessible to all, and consistently used by all team members?
  • Do you deliver customer-focused sales proposals that are personalized and tailored to each client?
  • Do your proposals deliver the information that each client needs in order to understand the specific value proposition that you offer them?
  • Finally, do your proposals consistently include current information, messaging, and branding?
  • Do these questions make you pause? Make you uneasy? Did you reach for an antacid?

It’s Time to Change the Game

Sales proposal technology is a proven game changer for improved productivity and sales performance results.Increase Productivity and Win Rates

In a recent survey, companies that use sales proposal automation solutions offered by SalesEdge reported an average 40% increase in productivity and a 28% increase in win rates.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of sales organizations—like yours—more efficiently create winning sales proposals!   

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