​​Automate Your Statement of Work Template to Facilitate Client Projects

The success of your client’s project may be driven by the strength of your statement of work (SOW).  Every SOW must correctly set expectations, define deliverables, tasks, responsibilities, timetable, costs and more.statement_of_work_solution.jpg
Chances are, the service that you have scoped for the client and will document in a SOW, is a service that you offer to others.

We recommend use of a statement of work template to jumpstart creation of each SOW.  The SOW template ensures delivery of document that includes all the right sections and standard content.
To increase productivity of team members who create SOWs, and to ensure the delivery of accurate and up-to-date service information, you can automate the SOW template to deliver SOWs that are personalized and tailored for each client.

Signs That You Should Automate Your Statement of Work

  • You spend endless hours formatting and creating each SOW.  By automating your SOW template, you can jumpstart the document and spend more time tailoring the SOW for each specific client.
  • Multiple team members create SOWs—with different structures and/or formatting.  By providing all team members with an approved SOW template, you strengthen your service brand.
  • You jumpstart a document by cutting and pasting from previous SOWs.  This is risky business. The new version may include the wrong information, as well as references to previous clients. With automation of your documents, you can quickly personalize each deliverable with customer-specific information.
  • The service you offer is repeatable—yet there are as many service descriptions as SOWs have been delivered.  With document automation, standard service descriptions are maintained and kept current in a content library.  
  • You have standard SOW components that should appear in all documents.  Perhaps your Performance Standards, Reporting and Communications, Risks and Constraints, and so forth should be always included. With document automation, you include the standard sections every time.

It’s Time to Streamline and Strengthen Your SOW

With automation of your SOW documents, you can ensure that standard content is always applied, make selected content optional based upon the service type, and exclude content that is not applicable.Streamline and Strengthen Your SOW

Document automation technology enables you to control your document processes and deliverables—ensuring increased consistency throughout the organization.
The bottom line is that by automating your SOW documents, you gain greater control over the content and format.  You help team members save time creating the first draft—allowing for more attention to the customer-specific documentation.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of organizations build content libraries with customer-facing information for statements of work, proposals, presentations, and responses to questionnaires including RFPs.  Let us show you how.

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