Collaboration supports multiple people responding within same document, at the same time

"SalesEdge introduced us to Qvidian and made our transition from the previous solution to Qvidian seamless," shares Chuck McGavren, RFP Manager at a Fortune 1000 company. "We weren't disappointed."

"Best library search engine in the business! The automation allows so many people in at the same time, working on the same document. What is does is, it allows us to split up the question and answer pairings, so that individual questions can be answered at the same time. I am just ecstatic that we no longer just have to have just one person on a document at one time. We can have five people [or more] on a document at the same time."

"Qvidian can help us get a response that answers the client's questions directly and we are experiencing 90 percent call back rates based upon what the system is helping us put out in the market."

"I look so much better in my organization because I am supported by SalesEdge so well. We had an excellent experience there."

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