Implementation with SalesEdge was a very thought-out process

"Prior to Qvidian, we used an Excel database and it would take us probably about probably two-and-half days for a small, simple RFI or RFP. Qvidian has changed our typical workdays now," shares Glenda Nunez, RFP Engagement Analyst at NetSuite.

"We are able to create cover letters and executive summaries on the fly in a matter of probably two minutes. Whereas, it would take probably an hour to so to just do a single cover letter because it [the prior process] would be a manual one.”

“The implementation with SalesEdge was a very thought-out process. We had different stages of tasks that we did over a three-to-four month period. They have an amazing implementation team. Amazing support team. And they are there for anything. You can email, call ... you can bounce ideas off of them. They have been a great, great resource. SalesEdge actually helped us become successful with Qvidian.”

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