We save easily 50 percent of our time ...

“Some of the challenges that we had responding to RFPs manually was that we were going through old proposals, which took a lot of extra time .... It was extremely time inefficient all across the board for everyone working on them.” Kris McMurray, Lead Proposal and Content Specialist at SciQuest, shared a common experience.

“Our typical day has changed since implementing Qvidian by just being just able to use a [Qvidian] library versus going through folder, after folder, after folder of old proposals. We save easily 50 percent of our time just by searching for answers.”

“We use SalesEdge Professional Services. We've used them for implementation. We still use them for ongoing service. If we come across something that we can't just figure out how to do ourselves, or we just need that extra little bit of help, we just pick up the phone or email them, and they are right there to help us. They literally walk us through anything we need to know. They don't get off the phone until they have taken care of everything you need.”

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