Pragmatech for RFP Response and Proposal Automation

Looking to win more often using RFP or proposal automation software? For over 15 years, Pragmatech and its RFP Machine served as the solution “most used” by proposal professionals. The Pragmatech offering has been replaced with Qvidian Proposal Automation.  SalesEdge invites you to see how Qvidian can help you gain a competitive edge and win more often.

At the heart of the Pragmatech suite of solutions is a Pragmatech database providing a single repository for sales-ready RFP responses and other critical selling documents.  By managing your sales-ready answers to frequently asked questions and other information that buyers require, you help ensure the accuracy, compliance, and branding consistency of your proposals and other critical selling documents.   By providing tools that help team members quickly find the right answers - or quickly assemble their customer-facing documents - you improve the productivity of team members and the sales performance of the organization. 

Solutions for Content Managers and Content Consumers

Content managers use The RFP Machine, RFP Express Plus Authoring, or the fully-configured Proposal Automation Suite to maintain and manage sales-ready content within the Pragmatech database.  Content consumers including sales people, proposal professionals, and others responsible for creating customer-facing documents, use RFP Express, Proposal Express, and/or Info Express to quickly and professionally respond to customer's requests for information.

The RFP Machine  Proposal managers and content managers who are responsible for maintaining content for the company’s RFP responses and critical customer communications use The RFP Machine.  The RFP Machine provides a complete RFP response solution, including content management capabilities and response capabilities that make answering RFPs a fast and easy proposition. 
RFP Express 

Sales people and proposals professionals use RFP Express to easily access and use sales-ready responses to RFPs and other customer requests for information. 

The RFP Tracking System 

Proposal and business development managers use The RFP Tracking System to facilitate scheduling, recording, and monitoring proposal activity throughout your organization. 

The Proposal Automation Suite 

Content managers and proposal professionals use The Proposal Automation Suite to create automated documents and proposal templates - allowing sales and other team  members to generate proactive proposals, statements of work, and other documents in minutes rather than hours. The Suite also provides robust RFP response functionality that allows RFP responders to rapidly find the best answers and craft their RFP proposals. 

Proposal Express 

Sales people and proposal professionals use Proposal Express to rapidly generate selling documents that are professional, branded, customized and personalized to the needs of each customer. They use Proposal Express to create proactive proposals, statements of work, contract, letters, and other customer-facing communications. 

Info Express  Info Express gives sales people and other customer-facing teams a web-based tool to access a Pragmatech database and quickly find content needed for sales-ready communications. 

More Information

To learn more about RFP response and Proposal Automation, please contact SalesEdge at 888.577.7382 ext 701 or online through Contact Us.

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