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Expertise in RFP Response for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations use Qvidian + SalesEdge to deliver client-focused proposals and RFP responses faster and easier.

30% reduction in RFP response time

Companies who have deployed Qvidian have seen an average decrease of RFP response time of 30%

SOC 2 Type Certification

Qvidian is SOC 2 Type Certified, the same standard required in the healthcare community

Why SalesEdge for Healthcare Organizations?

With hefty fines for violating regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, FERPA, FCPA or ITAR, many healthcare organizations view strong content management as a key component of their risk mitigation plan.

Qvidian + SalesEdge offers workflows that allow you to assign content review and approvals for greater efficiency, accuracy and overall peace of mind by providing users’ names and time stamps on content creation, edits and approvals.

SalesEdge has helped healthcare organizations build content libraries to complement risk mitigation plans.

“Each of our salespeople were actually doing their own proposals, pulling content from their own sales drive or even writing their own content. Now, everything is in one place, everything is consistent, and it’s branded!”

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