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Expertise in Business Services

Business services organizations use Qvidian + SalesEdge to create a more efficient and consistent way to build proposals that are on brand and win business.

30% decrease in time needed to create a proposal

Only 23.8% of firms have a formal process for sharing best practices

Why SalesEdge for Business Professionals?

With ongoing product and service updates, many business services organizations find it difficult to keep information up-to-date across teams, in personal folders and across desktops.

Qvidian + SalesEdge offers you that single source of truth in a single content library. By using online proposal automation software, you can create business proposals and other sales documents in half the time with the help of a centralized database for all your content, company information and product updates.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of business services organizations create winning sales proposals and supporting documents more efficiently.

"Qvidian gives our people the chance to do what they love. Marketing focuses on creating A+ proposal documents. Business Development gets to do what they love—develop new business.”

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