Sales Presentations and Pitchbooks

By automating your sales presentations and pitchbooks with Qvidian + SalesEdge, you can manage a sales-ready content repository and quickly create customized presentations.

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83% of business professionals reported they had trouble easily accessing the right content.

To pitch a perfect sales presentation, you need access to content and slide templates that are accurate, current and tailored for each specific opportunity.

Automation software makes it easy to manage sales presentations. Your team members can access the slide content they need and tailor the rest to each client, and by creating a managed repository, you can control messaging, branding and the overall appearance of sales presentations.

Signs You Should Automate Your Sales Presentations and Pitchbooks

  • You navigate through a collection of folders and old presentations until you find the right slides.
  • Your team depends on the latest great sales presentations pitched to another client.
  • You and your team find it challenging to push out updated slide content to all team members.
  • You want to tailor each presentation to the specific interests of each client – but that takes time.

The bottom line is that by managing slides and presentations, you control the content and help your team members more quickly create and deliver presentations that help win more business.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of organizations build content libraries with sales-ready information for the delivery of sales presentations, proposals and other documents, as well as responses to questionnaires including RFPs. 

“Before Qvidian, when a PowerPoint slide required an update, we updated the slide multiple times for each time that the slide appeared in a unique pitchbook. Now we maintain slide content once in the Qvidian Library—and use it within numerous pitchbooks.”

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