RFP Database Management

By creating a compliant content database, you can stop chasing content for RFPs and always have the most accurate and up-to-date information available across teams.
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30% reduction in RFP response time

Companies who have deployed Qvidian have seen an average decrease of RFP response time of 30%

Sales professionals and others who respond to RFPs and other critical questionnaires, need access to the right information instead of chasing answers. The absence of a managed RFP database, or sales content repository, creates unnecessary pains for sales, marketing and proposal professionals – and ultimately threatens the team’s performance.

Signs You Should Automate Your RFP Database

  • You navigate through a collection of folders and documents until you find an acceptable answer.
  • You search through previous RFPs and proposals for content to repurpose.
  • Your compliance team has to work double-time to review answers.
  • You question whether all team members have easy access to a collection of sales-ready information for product launches and updates.
  • You’re unsure if all team members deliver selling documents that are correctly branded to reflect your organization.

By managing all content in an RFP database, you can improve productivity throughout the organization, as well as sales effectiveness.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of organizations build  and manage an RFP database with sales-ready information. 

"Qvidian has cut down on the amount of time it takes us to respond to a proposal by 50% or more. Qvidian has been both a lifesaver and a timesaver, and it really has changed the game for us as a company."

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