RFP Response Management

Qvidian + SalesEdge offers a centralized content library to make it faster and more effective to respond to RFPs.

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30% reduction in RFP response time

Companies who have deployed Qvidian have seen an average decrease of RFP response time of 30%

The bottom line is that preparing an RFP response requires a collaboration across your businesses, from many contributors. Your team must tailor the responses to the specific client and include both accurate and persuasive information. 

Signs You Need an RFP Response Management Solution

  • You search through files, documents, past proposals and even emails to try to find previously written answers.
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) seem to avoid you when you request their help answering the same question.
  • Someone with the critical product knowledge takes a leave of absence or pursues another opportunity, which leaves the team in a vulnerable position.

“With the implementation of Qvidian, our team was also able to increase the volume of RFPs by 17% over three years, as well as respond to questionnaires of growing complexity—without negatively impacting the quality of the response documents.” 

An RFP response management solution can help your team productively and effectively respond to RFPs, RFIs, DDQs and any other questionnaires despite common obstacles.

Qvidian + SalesEdge offers a centralized content library, which allows your team to store and organize all content from previous proposals in one cloud-based library. With RFP response automation, your team can respond to RFP questions faster and with greater accuracy.

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