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FileBound improves business efficiency through end-to-end content and process automation.

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Upland FileBound is a workflow automation solution that can improve the operation of any organization by connecting users to the information they need, when they need it.

“FileBound’s workflow and document management solutions empowered us to be able to unburden our staff regarding those manual, time-consuming duties that filled their days. Now, our employees can spend more time on tasks that matter most for the community we serve. After all, we’re here to help people — not to focus on paperwork.”

FileBound integrates with Qvidian to automate workflows allowing project owners to route full proposals, contracts, SOWs and other Qvidian documents through final approval. Final reviewers can redline and comment, with all actions tracked, before the finalized document is saved to the CRM or FileBound document repository.

Using a document and workflow automation application like FileBound for version control, professionals can build an automated workflow process and centrally manage documents to improve compliance, collaboration and access to information to revolutionize decision-making.

FileBound + SalesEdge

To learn more about integrating FileBound with your Qvidian license, please contact your SalesEdge customer service representative.

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