Security Questionnaires

By automating responses to security questionnaires, Qvidian software + SalesEdge can streamline your security team’s processes.

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40% increase in productivity

Companies who have deployed Qvidian have seen an average increase in productivity of 40%

Responding to security questionnaires can be tedious. However, such questionnaires are necessary to win new business, as well as to retain existing business.

Signs You Should Automate Processes

  • Your team spends countless hours hunting down answers at the expense of your team’s time and energy.
  • Your team is scouring past Excel, Word or previously written security documents searching for the most up to date answers to security questions.
  • You wish that you could bottle the intelligence and expertise of your security professionals.

Our solution makes creating questionnaires seamless

The bottom line is that by creating a catalogue of compliant responses, your team can avoid monotony and streamline compliance by easily picking and choosing the most accurate, up-to-date information.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of organizations simplify the process of responding to questionnaires. 

“In an environment where less people have to do more work, Qvidian puts us in a very sweet spot. We have leveraged technology in order to be more effective and efficient in support of the increasing demands for security questionnaires that help sales close business.”

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