Statements of Work

Qvidian’s document creation platform makes building Statements of Work a breeze.

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28% improvement in win rates

Companies who have deployed Qvidian have seen an average win rate improvement of 28%

Every statement of work must set client expectations, define deliverables, tasks, responsibilities, timetables, costs and more.

To increase productivity of team members who create these documents and to ensure the delivery of accurate and up-to-date service information, a statement of work template ensures delivery of a document that includes all the right sections and standard information that is also personalized and tailored for each client.

Signs You Should Automate Your Statement of Work Documents

  • You spend endless hours formatting and creating each  document.
  • Multiple team members are involved—with different structures and/or formatting.
  • You jumpstart a document by cutting and pasting from previous documents. This is risky because the new version may include the wrong information.
  • The service you offer is repeatable, but there’s as many differing service descriptions as SOWs delivered.

The bottom line is that automation gives you greater control over the content and format —ensuring increased consistency throughout your documents.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of organizations build content libraries with customer-facing information for statements of work, proposals, presentations and responses to questionnaires including RFPs.

“As a provider of professional services that are always tailored to the client specific needs, SalesEdge uses Qvidian to generate a statement of work for all services. We reap the Qvidian benefits!”

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