Quickly Capture Compliant Answers and Create Documents for all your DDQs

Due_Diligence_Questionnaire.jpgMake it easier to quickly deliver each client with a response to a Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) that ensures content accuracy and compliance – and that sets your firm apart from others!

Our DDQ solution is multi-faceted. It includes: use of a content library to effectively manage answer content for accuracy and compliance; automated DDQ templates that complement and strengthen your firm's brand; and easy assembly of all your DDQ documents.

Indicators that You Should Automate your DDQ Documents

Without an automated solution, your extended team may face the following challenges:

  • Team members maintain duplicate versions of the same answer in multiple documents – one for each type of DDQ. This is a productivity drain for your content managers, subject matter experts, and compliance officers.
  • Updates to content remains a tedious task.  It is time-consuming to ensure that that frequently-updated information including AUMs, yields, and other performance information is applied to all DDQ documents.
  • Answer content is not easily searchable. It is not easy for team members to quickly find and use the information for ad hoc applications.
  • Preparing DDQ documents for clients can delay the delivery of information. This is especially true when you need to deliver the right combination of information to a client.
  • Your DDQ documents do not complement your clients’ experience with your brand. You have invested in branding for your website and literature, but the format of your DDQ documents may as well come from another firm!

Opportunity to Improve Your Performance

DDQ_results.jpgYou need a solution that can help your team more efficiently deliver current information throughout all DDQ documents.

With the right technology, you can collaboratively manage all your answer content in a searchable content library.

Using document automation, you more more quickly assemble documents that include the right information for each product or client. Furthermore, you can deliver documents that strengthen and capitalize on your brand.

SalesEdge has helped hundreds of organizations gain efficiencies and improve performance creating due diligence questionnaires, RFP responses, sales proposals and presentations. Let us show you how. 

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