Spend More Time Selling, Spend Less Time Writing Sales Proposals 

Sales proposals, statements of work, and other sales-critical documents help you win more business!  Using sales proposal software, you can automate the processes that create this important client deliverables.

Create Persuasive Sales Documents in Half the TimeUse sales proposal software to achieve results:

  • Create higher quality documents throughout your customer's buying process
  • Deliver persuasive sales proposals more consistently 
  • Make the right first impression—and take advantage of your organization’s brand
  • More quickly deliver proposals and sales documents to your customers
  • Let salespeople more time selling—and less time writing

SalesEdge helps you meet your specific business requirements by tailoring the implementation methodology to your needs.

  • Small sales teams—Generate sales proposals that include response to client questionnaires
  • Corporate and field sales teams—Quickly provide clients with the right information

Qvidian RFP and Proposal Automation

Complex selling situations require powerful solutions.  Qvidian helps you manage and streamline your entire sales proposal process, regardless of complexity.  Qvidian’s intuitive wizard guides salespeople through the document creation process, selecting and assembling relevant content, into a cohesive proposal that aligns your value proposition with each client’s specific business needs, goals or objectives. 

Proposal Software Capabilities

Regardless of the team’s size or complexity, to deliver more winning RFP responses, most organizations seek the following RFP software capabilities.

Quickly Assemble Sales Proposals Tailored for each Client
Using Qvidian RFP and proposal automation, sales professionals can create a proposal within minutes.  Checkbox selections allow every proposal to be tailored to include the right content.  Using fill-in fields or Qvidian’s CRM integration capabilities, proposals are quickly personalized for each client. 

Consistently Include the Right Information 

Your proposal content is managed and kept current in the Qvidian RFP and proposal content library.  Your automated document template ensures that every proposal or sales deliverable includes the most current and accurate information.  

Deliver Proposals that Strengthen and Complement your Brand 
With use of a customized style template, you can quickly create proposals that are highly professional.  The document automation capabilities help ensure that all team member deliver correctly branding proposals—with the appropriate title pages, fonts, colors, images and other standards.

Make it Easy to Update Proposals and Other Deliverables
Because your proposal content, and customized style templates, are maintained in the Qvidian content library, it is easy to manage updates and roll-out new content to the team.

Quickly Achieve Results
Through workshop-based professional services from SalesEdge, you can learn how to automate sales proposals and other selling documents.  

If you don’t have the time, let us do the work!  We will enable your team with an automated sales proposal—and provide you with the skills to keep your document template up to date. 

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